Impressions of the exhibition by Anush Ghukasyan and Uriel Caspi

The two artists from Israel and Armenia were guests at the Ceramic Artist House in April and May as part of the Ceramic Artist Exchange Tandem Program. Uriel Caspi (Israel)Uriel Caspi’s artworks propose an interplay between the revival of ancient crafts and contemporary art studio practice. Visually inspired by archeological remnants from the Middle East […]

Work in progress Anush Ghukasyan Uriel Caspi

Anush Ghukasyan and Uriel Caspi exhibit at the Keramikkünstlerhaus!

Work in progress: Anush Ghukasyan and Uriel Caspi; Photo: Florian Schurz After an exciting and productive time together at the Keramikkünstlerhaus, the exhibition of the current guest artists Anush Ghukasyan from Armenia and Uriel Caspi from Israel opens on 23 May at 6 pm. On display are works that were created during six weeks of […]

Anush Ghukasyan Uriel Caspi

Anush Ghukasyan and Uriel Caspi at the Keramikkünstlerhaus!

From 10 April to 29 May, Anush Ghukasyan from Armenia and Uriel Caspi from Israel will be living and working together at the Keramikkünstlerhaus! In the open studio, visitors can observe the creative process of the two artists, talk to them or simply get a taste of the international ceramic art scene. At the end […]


New artistic direction

In March 2024, Katja Jaroschewski handed over the artistic direction of the Keramikkünstlerhaus to Jantje Almstedt. A huge thank you goes to Katja Jaroschewski for her outstanding artistic direction of the Keramikkünstlerhaus from 2021 to the beginning of 2024. During her tenure, the Keramikkünstlerhaus not only gained its name thanks to her commitment, but she […]

2024 02 11 Jahresprogramm KKH NMS is

Jahresprogramm 2024

Zeitraum: 10.4.-29.5.2024 | Ausstellung: 23.5.-27.5.2024 Anush Ghukasyan(Armenien) Das Werk von Anush Ghukasyan bewegt sich frei zwischen Grafik, Druckgrafik, Keramik undortsspezifischen Installationen, die den menschlichen Körper und seine Beziehung zur Umwelt,Identität und Erinnerung behandeln. Sie verwandelt vertraut alltägliche Gegenstände wie Lampenoder Kinderwagen in Keramikskulpturen. Dabei beschäftigt sie sich mit ihren Erinnerungen, denÄngsten ihrer Kindheit und den […]

artists in residence 2023

Under the artist name Eiair, the Thai-born ceramicist creates impressive miniature sculptures. The artist is especially obsessed with small creatures. With the natural creatures he depicts, he has found that they are really important for our ecosystem and our planet. His ultimate goal is to make people appreciate these precious little lives. Because, according to Eiair, […]

artists in residence 2022

Srinia Chouwdhury (India) tells stories inspired by her long-standing curiosity about human behavior and her observation of everyday life. In her works the playful form and the colorfully projected graphics become a narration. Srinia Chouwdhury studied art in New Delhi and Calcutta. The medium of ceramics offers her the opportunity to work sculpturally, to draw […]