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In 1981 the businessman Dr. Hans Hoch died. He entrusted most of his wealth to his home town Neumuenster. In his will he decreed that his legacy should be transferred to a foundation named after him whose  surpluses are to be used in alternating years to promote young artists and to support economically disadvantaged people, especially in institutions for the elderly and the welfare system. In 1987 in cooperation with Johannes Gebhardt the head of the ceramics course at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (today the Muthesius University of Art and Design Kiel) at that time the Stadttoepferei Neumuenster was launched. Since then, graduates of art colleges and ceramics colleges can apply for the living and working grant if they graduated no more than three years before the application. Since 2022 the “artist house Stadttoepferei Neumuenster” is called “Keramikkuenstlerhaus (ceramic artist house) Neumuenster”.