Keramikkünstlerhaus (ceramic artist house) Neumünster

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After 35 years of existence the name of the artist house Stadttöpferei Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein is changing into Keramikkünstlerhaus (ceramic artist house) Neumünster. This was an important step for the house which has been awarding work and residence grants exclusively for outstanding artists in the field of ceramic art since 1987. The international residency for artists with a focus on ceramics on an international level was founded by Danijela Pivašević-Tenner and is existing since 2013.

Finally this year (after two difficult years with corona) 10 guest artists are on visit. The “Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem” starts in April and offers 2 ceramic artists to live, work and exhibit together in the ceramic artist house for a month rent-free. The first two artists will be Hanna Miadzvedzeva from Belarus and Srinia Chouwdhury from India. They will reside in the artist house from April 6th on. It is also worth taking a look at the Fürsthof outside of opening hours.